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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Over The Hills and Far Away From the Midlands.

Finally, finally, we have moved house, wrestled with the interweb and become connected to the world again. Life is very slowly settling down and the process of living among boxes is gradually going in reverse and getting back to normal, only a new normal. With, ahem, more frequent and regular blogging.

We have an open fire (romantic, messy and inconvenient), a splendid garden to look at, and regular views of the Cheviots and open farmland for miles around. I saw at least two vistas I wanted to paint on the first day we were here. The oil seed rape and the gorse bushes are in bloom, competing shades of yellow, the beech trees are coming out in young, acid green leaf. However fond of the last house I was, this is better than life beside the A5190.

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