Doodles in the margin from an artist living and working in the Scottish Borders.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Monday, 25 February 2013

Danger! Danger!

Who's this handsome buck? Why, it's Derek Danger, newest man of action on the man of action scene and baddest cat in the UK Datsun Owners Club. Brainchild of righteous talents Robert Ball and Warwick Johnson Cadwell.

This is, unavoidably, 'fanart.'

Thursday, 21 February 2013

It's Those Dreadful Beady Eyes, They Stare You Out.

Withnail, sitting down to enjoy his holiday, and Danny, expressing the foolishness of Withnail's words.

Charcoal on A2 cartridge paper.

Friday, 1 February 2013

World of Ned.

Ned Sparry's  and his show World of Dangerous Animals was a strip I drew six or seven episodes of. It centred on Ned Sparry, an Australian naturalist who agitated animals and even algae to the point where he could utter his catchphrase "it's ripped me aam off!" 

And then Steve Irwin met the fatal stingray and that bollocksed that.



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