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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Well, bless my soul. We have suddenly sold and bought a house after 5 months and 129 emails-worth of fannying around.

Yes. YES.

And I finished - finally finished, two-in-the morning insomniac retouching and redrawing finished - my comic strip. I'm at the stage where I'm partly pleased and partly can see only mistakes. Still, tomorrow I look for an A3 scanner and so I can tune the images, make them really black and white, and then I can send them off to their creator Matthew in the nerve centre of his empire. Thanks for the opportunity, Matthew, I had a hoot.

I hope he won't mind a brief, non-spoiler taster:

Here we see Antonio Giallo, aka B-Have, and assorted Brummagem gawkers. It makes the change itch in your pocket to buy one, doesn't it, hm?

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