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Sunday, 23 May 2010

What's The Score?

It's upwards from here: the taking apart has been completed and the putting back together starts. This is my restored Dawes resplendent in midnight blue - two cans of Rover Midnight Blue and then, when Halfords ran out, two cans of Peugeot Midnight Blue. This morning I took it down from its hanging in the garage roof (managed to chip the paint in carrying it between the garage and the house) and applied some Turtle Wax and brought it up to a wondrous lustre.

It's not flawless, but considering I did it in the garage it's not bad, and the most important bits are glossy and fine - the most important bits being those that I can see when I'm on it.

From now on it's putting on shiny new parts and cleaned and polished old parts. I shan't be riding it, though, the roads here get dusty and then wet and muddy. So I'll be on the lookout for something scruffy to actually use.

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