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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

East - West

Work in progress. Oil on board.

I'm very reluctant to post work in progress, because it invariably looks a bit rubbish. I returned to this yesterday, when it was a rough draft with promise, and slowly ruined it throughout the day. Today I've started the upwards path again and I can see how and where it should be going. I was doubly put off because I read a disparaging remark in a John Cheever short story about people's taste in art not stretching "beyond baskets of flowers and marine sunsets." So that was me in my place, but then Laura discovered Scottish landscape artist Ken Bushe, whose work is very fine, and restored my faith in what I was doing, although his seem rather better than mine.

I began it in the Midlands, when it was a painting of sunset at Tywyn, Wales, but with an eye to the local market it could equally be an east coast sunrise. The choice is yours.

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