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Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Darjeeling Senses Are Tingling: Did Someone Call for a Sconeslinger??

Quite a nice, and fair, review from the Forbidden Planet blog.

"Much of my enjoyment comes from the writing of Matthew Craig, because he writes these superheroes with a kitchen sink perspective. It’s more about the conversations, the characters and less about big blokes and badly proportioned women in spandex beating up supervillains. And this is good.


There’s a bunch of giant mutant moggies that need more than litter training and it’s up to the Bostin’ Heroes do do the cleanup. It’s a fine, fun tale, and with artist Rich Johnson, there’s a really nice look to a lot of the pages – although Johnson is far better with people and crowds than he is with superhero battles – a weakness he’ll need to work if he’s carrying on here. But his sedate, crowd and conversation panels, just like that opener above are really quite attractive."

He's right on both counts. I like doing Matthew's stories because they've got a big heart, and they are about things like, just what would you do if your wife found out you were a superhero?

Right about 'sedate' scenes, too. I think in my heart of hearts I'd rather draw people having a nice cup of tea and a cake than mutant troopers razing Mars Colony to the ground. Because, in its way, the same passions may rage beneath the surface while barely ruffling the tea meniscus.

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