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Monday, 18 July 2011


I entered a nine-page story for the Eagle Initiative Competition some time ago. Matt Craig was due to write a story but was struck down with some horribly painful tendon issues so was physically unable to do any work (now healing up after an operation). I wrote up a story and drew like a bastard to get it in for the deadline, exchanged panicked emails with the organisers over whether it had uploaded, whether they had a record of it etc etc etc, but eventually I knew it to be lodged safely with them.

I got an email last week from Barry Renshaw, editor at Engine Comics who organised the whole thing, informing us that the whole competition was off because not enough people had entered. 

I was gobsmacked. I mean, here's just four names from the list of judges: Scott Allie, Editor, Dark Horse Comics; Tom Brevoort, Editor, Marvel Comics; Dan Berry, Senior Lecturer, Visual Communication/Illustration for Graphic Novels, University of North Wales; Dave Gibbons, writer and artist (Watchmen, etc.) 

As if the stellar list wasn't enough temptation, there was money available too, for the winner a big mattress full of lovely soft, soporific cash, and for runners up enough to scoop out of a very large hat and throw around like confetti. Of course I wanted to enter, and I worked my arse off to meet the deadline too. So, feck it, generally.

And I'm sorry for Mr Renshaw too, having worked his arse off organising it (and, I know from experience, looking through the entries chasing up unattributed files) and I said as much. He did me the courtesy of replying;

"Thanks for the kind words. Yes, to be honest I'm personally gutted that the competition had to be cancelled, I've put a lot of time and effort into it, but ultimately it was the only decision to make considering the circumstances."


Anyway, I've plans for the strip that was entered, which I'm mulling over. 

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