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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

NBC Broadcasts Cartoons.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Karol Wisniewski and his team, New British Comics Volume Three is out and about and roaming the planet. It's highly various, from winsome to weird to a bit disturbing, and tends to reinforce the idea that people who do comics are talented, if a bit odd.

I'm pleased to say that our collaboration, Here Comes The Neighbourhood, shuffles into line and doesn't look out of place, although as ever, going back to something so long after drawing it, I can see all kinds of infelicities and cackhandedness. But it's exciting to see it all lettered up and printed out so beautifully; it's a very, very professional looking publication, and if you like comics frankly for the high quality of artwork and writing you get, four quid is a bargain. Not to pick anyone out, but I have become very taken with Warwick Johnson Cadwell's artwork as a result of his Wild West/Vampire strip Von Trapp, and Lawrence Elwick's work is enviably clean and stylish but bloody hell, all the artwork throughout is excellent. Apart from my sloppier bits.

Featuring the collected talents of Dan White, Lawrence Elwick, John Miers, Paul O'Connell, Dave Thompson, Matt Craig, Craig Collins, Iain Laurie, Wilbur Dawbarn, Rob Miller, Van Nim, Warwick Johnson Cadwell and David Ziggy Greene.

NBC Vol. 3 is available to buy here, so you can stroke its physical loveliness. As some bloke on the internet says, "Really, this is a must buy and I’m not kidding," (Some Bloke on the Internet, 2011.)

And despite what you might read elsewhere, it doesn't smell.

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