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Monday, 14 March 2011

Music on Monday:Wolf at the House's Door

I was thinking about the Bob Dylan Free Trade Hall bootleg the other day, and how remarkable it is that this legendary moment ("Judas!") was captured on tape so you can actually hear it, liberated from the years, a moment still live and crackling.

There's a similarly legendary quality to this exchange, which appears on the surface to be a performer dealing with a very drunk audience member who is making a lot of noise. Performer cuts down drunk with a fairly damning indictment of his wasted life that he "ain't done nothin' with" because he only loves whisky.

It's a harsh remark, with all the more force behind it for being delivered by the mighty Howlin' Wolf. What is really eyebrow raising if you're a nerdy blues cove, which I am, is that the object of the comment, the rowdy drunk, is Son House. And then the Wolf sings, which is always remarkable, regardless.

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