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Monday, 7 February 2011


Pencil study of succulents and cacti, Giardino dei Semplice, Florence, 15cm x 15cm.

I started this study before I launched into the comic strip competition entry. I had something of a breakthrough in my painting technique recently, too, of which hopefully more later, very impressionistic, almost semi-abstract - which is very exciting, but I was really happy to get back to the glasses-off microscopic pencil-stroke stuff. It's got me a portrait commission, too, which I've done and sent a scan to the client for approval.

I've already spent the money. I bought a second-hand Campagnolo chainset on eBay from a bloke in France. Absurdly pleased to have "Campag" on my bike. (I can say "Campag" now, although I'll try really hard not to be such a twat.) And of that, too, more later.

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