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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Putting on the Style

I lost a plug from the handlebar end a while ago, and anyway it had 'Bikehut' on it in big, clear letters, which were visible no matter how much black marker I applied.

My friend Colin - cyclist and Nature Reservist (in the event of war he is camouflague) - asked a while ago for some champagne corks for just this task, and they've been lurking in my car for months now so I thought I'd put them to some use. If it's good enough for his Mercian, I reasoned, then it'll do for my eBay Dawes. I spent a very pleasant half hour whittlin' with a Stanley knife and - voila. Bar end plugs with a bit of panache.

Putting the 'bar' into handlebar. Yaboom.


  1. does that make you champagne cyclists?

  2. Yes! And they help me cava path through traffic.



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