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Friday, 27 August 2010

Gloria! Gloria! Ba-da-daddle-addle-ah, ba-da-daddle-addle-ah.


Twenty-two days after I finished the preliminary character sketches, this morning I scanned, tweaked, saved and sent the tenth completed page of 'Here Comes the Neighbourhood.' Matt has been in touch with the editor of NBC Vol. III, who "likes the sound of the story," which is encouraging.

Overall I'm quite pleased with it. From drawing the panel frames to finishing touches, I'd say each page has about ten hours work in it, and (as usual) I could give you a list long as my arm of things I wish I'd done differently or taken more care over or could do better next time and so on and on, but given that we were up against the deadline of the end of this month for submitting the final thing, I don't think it's bad. I've a pain in the joint where thumb meets wrist which may or may not be related to pretty much twenty two days continuous drawing, and to which I've been applying frozen peas. (Art. My God. The suffering. And they say those Chilean miners have it hard.)

I think it's a good story. Matt has heart and wit, and I like that. I'll link to an online version sometime soon, but hopefully to something more exciting like an actual paper version you can exchange money for. I mean, howay, look at Gloria there - look at that face. Look at those novelty spectacles. What editor could resist?

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