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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rust Never Sleeps 4

Wood & Iron iii, oil on board, 18" x 18".

This is a larger version of a work I did a couple of years ago (below). I took photographs of these sea defences on the Norfolk coast about two years ago, and have found them interesting to work with ever since. I made a photographic triptych first, and then decided to paint them as individual images. I used acrylic I think, although it might have been oil, on hardboard. They're only about eight or nine inches square, but the larger board meant I could explore some of the colours and forms in more detail. The colours, considering it was just timber and iron left to weather, were remarkable. That's why rust is interesting, see...

Groyne 3, oil on board, 9" x 9".

(Coughs quietly: I'm not sure I don't prefer the smaller, earlier one...)

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