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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dredding It

Since the whole fanzine thing is out and about and circulating in cyberspace and the real world, I've uploaded to my website the whole of the finished set of strips I contributed. This was, as I've said before, another collaboration with Matt Craig, who wrote the script, originally to star Tom Baker but I couldn't bring myself to 'off' the great man...

I like working on Matt's stuff, he's a real old fashioned love for comics, and there's a warmth and humour in his work. Even when blowing people's heads off.

The full fanzine can be found here* for downloading - it's slightly confusing to read as the layout is for printing out. There's some very splendid work in there.

I was looking at "Project X" the other day (my long narrative comic strip, which tails off from completed pages to a few pencil panels to a 'shooting script' to an outline to the ending which is vaguely in my head) and pondering whether it would ever be finished, how much I really want to finish it, what that means I have to give up for the time it takes, and generally felt like a faffing dilettante. Today I got the latest collected Hellboy through the post (art by Richard Corben, Duncan Fegredo, Jason Shawn Alexander and La Mignola himself) and ay chihuahua, some things make you feel you've a long way to go.

*I had a link for the download but it's been taken down. Ah, well.

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