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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More Moors.

Heather Burning on Feuar's Moor, oil on canvas, 90cm x 90cm.

The question of when a painting is finished is sometimes a tricky one. This landscape, Heather Burning on Feuar's Moor, I had in a gallery in Edinburgh for a couple of months, and I'm a bit uncomfortable now that it was out in the public eye for such a long time because when I got it back it was pretty obvious to me that it wasn't done.

I'm still not quite convinced it's as unrestrained as I want it, but it's getting to the stage when that may have to happen in another painting. I'm certainly a lot happier with it than before. The small squares I paint stop me getting bogged down in detail, and this is another attempt to take that uninhibited, textured spontaneity that I find easier to get in the small squares and scale it up to the much larger canvas. It's not there yet, but it's coming, I think.

This painting is actually a sort of collage of different light effects and perspectives we saw as we travelled down the valley past the hill under the smoke from the heather burning, and the intention was to try and capture something of that sense of expansive movement and colour and light across the space of the land and the sky. It was quite a wonderful experience and I may well come back to it.

Heather Burning, the unfinished one. If you saw this, I'm sorry.

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