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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Caretaker.

New 'scape' drawing, 'The Caretaker.'

Pencil on A3 paper. 

It started off as two thumbnail doodles;

then this;

 then this;

neither of which I liked, so I went back to pencil. I like pencil. It's an odd amount of graft for something I'm a bit indifferent about now that it's actually finished. I read an article about pencil techniques after I'd finished which warned that pencil drawings can be almost photographic but oddly lacking in life, which I think is what's happened here. There's not a lot of life in it, and it's compositionally quite confused. I've done a few of these kinds of image now and not really felt that I've caught what I was aiming at yet.

And you have to look closely to find the title but he's there;

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