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Saturday, 6 August 2011


Had a couple of nights away in Scotland (further away in Scotland, I mean) thanks to some good friends who offered us a spare room in their holiday lodge as a wedding present. So we got to see very good friends we don't meet up with very often any more, and it was a lovely place. I learned a lot about whisky, not least that it gives me a headache.

Went to Loch of the Lowes in the rain to see some ospreys but they'd buggered off back to South Africa the day before, probably because of the rain. We did see a jay, which although not in the same league was an event nonetheless. And a robin.

Took the long way home on Friday to have a look at some waterfalls (I like a good waterfall.) This was a good one:

The Deil's Cauldron near Comrie.

Where we stayed there were the beginnings of big, beautiful hills on the near horizon. It was a difficult thing to turn round and go the other way, so we may be heading back up there in September, but with less of a lodge and more of a tent.

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