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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Rich Johnson: Fully Obsequious

Looking for reviews of your own work is only a minor step up from Googling your own name, but I came across a Polish review of New British Comics #3. I think, given the context, this section is about me:

Nie uchybiając pozostałym uczestnikom tej inicjatywy na „prowadzenie” zdają się wysuwać przekonujące rysunki Matthew Craiga, chwilami przywołujące skojarzenia z wczesnymi karykaturami Simona Bisleya (choć akurat w tym przypadku mocno „ugrzecznionymi”).

Online translation renders this as,

"Without prejudice to other participants in this initiative, the "establishment" seem to pull out a convincing drawings of Matthew Craig, sometimes mentioning association with early caricatures of Simon Bisley (although just in this case fully obsequious)."

This is either very good, or very bad. Whichever, I'm going to start putting "fully obsequious" on my business cards.

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