Doodles in the margin from an artist living and working in the Scottish Borders.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

That New Parish of Yours...

And still the English conveyancing system grinds on, like Dickens' Circumlocution Office. The moon and planets wheel about their axes, deadlines creep forward like creatures from a nightmare, a letter takes a week to travel what is a half hour drive for a crow in a car, and I sit and wonder how much to charge my solicitor for emails I sent badgering the District Council, something a civilian may have thought maybe my solictor should be doing for me.

It's like being run over by a lorry, but very slowly.


I post these samples from a work in progress that I've written and am illustrating myself just to remind myself I do have plans and projects and things to do in the future and that although I can take more time and improve I can draw.

One day this will just be a memory...

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