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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Lesser of Two Weevils

Waiting to move house.

It's driving me slowly up the wall.

I've packed away all my painting and drawing stuff so I'm at something of a loose end, which may explain why I'm bidding for a bicycle on eBay and formulating plans to make it a "project" for when we move. I nearly bought some new alloy wheels for it but buying new wheels with money I don't really have for a bike I don't own just for the sake of having something diverting to do seemed a step too far.In an attempt to give me useful and absorbing things to do, like a child kept indoors on a rainy day, my partner Laura urged me to start with my blog, so:

One of
the last things I completed was a set of six drawings of beetles. I like beetles. I was going to sell them as cards but as I used existing and copyrighted images, after a sleepless night I decided against it, but they were enjoyable to do anyway and I like the way they turned out. (Site is here if you wish to marvel, and marvel you shall, not least at my barefaced cheek.)

y're done in coloured pencils on cartridge paper, edged in Indian ink.

I used a Rotring pen, a 0.25. I now have another three Rotring Rapidographs.

I got the set for £27.

Why, yes, they
were on eBay.

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